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Pastoral Care in Mount Lourdes

Mount Lourdes is committed to the provision of Pastoral Care in promoting the overall welfare of our students. Personal, Social, and Health Education are addressed within the framework of a dedicated programme, equipping students to develop essential life skills, make informed decisions, and foster positive relationships. This significantly contributes to students' resilience, self-awareness, and their ability to manage the social and emotional challenges they may encounter, during their academic journey and beyond.

 Through our provision of Pastoral Care, we aim to create a sense of community and belonging within the school, by establishing a supportive network among students, staff, and parents. By addressing individual needs, we are also reinforcing the school's values and ethos.

Role of the Year Head

The Head of Year plays a vital role in supporting the overall well-being of the students within their designated year group. This may involve addressing any personal or social issues that students may be facing, such as friendship or relationship concerns, or any other challenges which may impact their ability to thrive in the school environment. They work closely with The Principal and Senior Leader in charge of Pastoral Care, to ensure that all students’ individual needs are met, and they have access to all necessary resources.

Role of the Form Teacher

A Form Teacher is assigned to each class from Years 8 - 14 and meets the students as a form group each day, for assembly and registration.

Form Teachers are responsible for providing guidance and support, monitoring attendance, punctuality and academic progress; they also deal with any other difficulties that a student may experience.

The Form Teacher serves as liaison between the school and the students’ families and is the first point of contact for parents and guardians. They may refer students to the appropriate Year Head, who may then contact outside support agencies as the occasion may arise. The precise details regarding the Pastoral Care structure are outlined in the school s Pastoral Care Policy Document.

KS3 Pastoral Programme

The Pastoral Programme at Key Stage 3 aims to develop the whole student academically, personally and spiritually. It seeks to build relationships between home, school and community and permeates every aspect of school life. The well-being and personal development of each individual is at the core of the KS3 Pastoral Programme. Form Teachers deliver the programme during two allocated Pastoral lessons each week. Students also have opportunities to lead assembly throughout the year and participate in numerous charity events. Themes studied in the KS3 Pastoral Programme include Managing Change; Safety & Managing Risk; Feelings & Emotions; Friendship & Bullying; Health and the Whole Person; Relationship and Sex Education; Morals, Values and Beliefs and Target Setting.

Yr9 Senior Prefects.jpg

Form Teachers KS3

Form Teacher 8A – Mrs C. Conroy (Head of Year)
Form Teacher 8B – Miss E. Gregg
Form Teacher 8C – Mrs K. Owens
Form Teacher 8D - Mrs B. Shannon


Form Teacher 9A – Mrs L. McGrath (Head of Year)
Form Teacher 9B – Mrs C. Mc Aleer
Form Teacher 9C - Miss E. Gallagher
Form Teacher 9D – Ms S. Saunderson


Form Teacher 10A – Mrs A. Mulligan (Head of Year)
Form Teacher 10B – Ms K. Love
Form Teacher 10C – Miss J. Flanagan
Form Teacher 10D – Mrs A. Devine

Key Stage 4 Pastoral Programme

Key Stage 4 symbolises a significant transition in the lives of our students. It brings both personal and academic challenges as they embark on their GCSE studies. GCSEs involve a continuous, two-year programme in all subjects. The assessment process begins in Year 11, involving the completion of Controlled Assessment and Modular Exams in a range of subjects, during the first year of study.

The aims and objectives of the KS4 Pastoral Programme are embedded in the school's Pastoral Care Policy and reflect the Vision and Aims of the school. It strives for the maximum development of each student, intellectually, spiritually, academically and vocationally. The well-being and personal development of each individual student are of prime importance. Topics include Healthy Living; Alcohol Awareness; Love for Life; Coping with Stress; Managing Risk, Finance and Debt, Study Skills and CEAIG Programme. The Programme is supported by presentations from external organisations.

 Form Teachers KS4

Form Teacher 11A – Miss C. Gray
Form Teacher 11B – Mrs L. Quinn (Head of Year)
Form Teacher 11C – Miss K. O’Donovan
Form Teacher 11D – Mrs J. Mc Geoghan


Form Teacher 12A – Miss A. Owens
Form Teacher 12B – Mrs C. Greene
Form Teacher 12C - Mrs M. Collins
Form Teacher 12D – Mrs L. Clarke

KS5 Pastoral Programme

We aim for the experiences of our KS5 students to be engaging and rewarding. and Our goal is to motivate our students to excel academically and contribute to the vibrant life of Mount Lourdes. Our dedicated staff will continue to offer support and guidance throughout these crucial years as they prepare to pursue their individual career pathways.

The aims of the KS5 Pastoral Programme reflect the Vision and Aims of Mount Lourdes. We are committed to building on the students’ Personal Development process of KS3 & KS4 where students are encouraged to develop intellectually, spiritually and emotionally and become more resilient in the face of challenges they may face. The Programme is supported by presentations from external organisations.

In addition to the PD Programme which includes Personal Health and Well-being, Study Skills, Safer Internet Use, Budgeting and Finance, students are encouraged to participate in leadership opportunities e.g. The Senior Prefect System, Student Council, Mentoring Programmes, Sisters IN, and Charity and Fund-raising events.

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Form Teachers KS5

Form Teacher 13A – Mr M. McGuinness (Head of Year)
Form Teacher 13B – Mr B. Meenan
Form Teacher 13C – Mr D. Murray

Form Teacher 13D – Mrs. C. Mc Carron

Form Teacher 13E - Mrs C. O’Hare

Form Teacher 13F – Mr P. Hegarty

Form Teacher 13G – Mrs P. Mc Gurren


Form Teacher 14A – Mr A. Convie (Head of Year)
Form Teacher 14B – Mrs C. O’Connor/ Mrs D. Lynch
Form Teacher 14C – Mr. P McGovern

Form Teacher 14D – Mrs G. Carty

Form Teacher 14E – Mrs A. Lilleker

Form Teacher 14F – Mr M. Timoney

Form Teacher 14G – Mr R. Hill

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