Mount Lourdes works to promote the holistic development of every student, focusing on their academic, social, emotional and spiritual development.  Through our pastoral system we work to foster a caring, supportive environment in which our students feel secure and valued.  We aim to help students develop the personal and life skills essential to take their places in a challenging modern society.

Head Teacher's Welcome


Welcome to our website


I hope it offers you a flavour of the community that is Mount Lourdes Grammar School.

We are an all girls’ Catholic Grammar school founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1909.  Our Catholic ethos and Mercy tradition permeate all aspects of school life making Mount Lourdes a caring and supportive community.  Each individual student is valued here. We are committed to nurturing and fostering the holistic development of each student. Mount Lourdes provides a warm, happy, welcoming atmosphere with high standards of pastoral care and support.


Our approach is founded on a special partnership between parents, the school and the students. We therefore work closely to ensure each young person achieves the very best and reaches their full potential. We believe in setting high standards across all aspects of school life. We pride ourselves on our academic opportunities and achievements. The broad curriculum we offer at all key stages provides a varied and enriched learning experience.  We are focused on providing our students with the skills and knowledge young people need in a fast changing world. Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff ensure that students have access to high quality learning and teaching experiences as well as personalised guidance and mentoring. We are particularly proud that all our students leave with qualifications which enable them to access a vast array of career pathways.

We aim to provide the very best extra-curricular opportunities for our students to further develop self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

In Mount Lourdes we strive to enable all students achieve high standards, realise their full potential and become successful learners, confident individuals and positively contribute to the school and wider community


Mrs Sinead Cullen



The School Aims

Recognising that everybody is unique, the school strives to create a community atmosphere so that each student and member of staff is respected and appreciated as a person of importance.


• to motivate our students in the pursuit of a high standard of academic achievement and critical thinking by providing a varied range of learning experiences in a stimulating environment.

• to ensure that our students have access to a curriculum which makes explicit the links between school-based learning and Life and


• to enable each student to make the most of her talents by providing opportunities for participation in a range of aesthetic, cultural, skills based and leisure activities.

• to create and maintain a pastoral environment in which the needs of the individual student are recognised; an attitude of self-discipline and responsibility for her own actions is encouraged and a sense of self-worth is fostered.

• to foster a sense of team spirit among staff and to encourage each teacher to develop his/her personal qualities and professional expertise.

• to work in partnership with parents in the promotion of the overall good of the student, acknowledging the role of parents as primary educators of the child.

• to help students acquire and develop Christian values, attitudes and moral standards - based on Catholic teaching - that will influence and inform their choices and behaviour throughout


• to promote among staff and students a sense of personal identity and citizenship and encourage mutual respect for cultural diversity.

Our History

When Mount Lourdes Grammar School was established in 1909 by the Sisters of Mercy, its

founders were inspired by the need to provide an education that would qualify the girls of

Fermanagh for the full range of employment opportunities that were available at the time.

That vision continues to guide the work of the school today.


Over the years since its foundation, as pupil numbers grew and academic requirements changed, the school evolved in response to the new demands placed on it. Buildings were added, providing for boarders and for specialist subjects. The site, a hillside close to the River Erne and Enniskillen town centre, is now largely covered by buildings, which have been refurbished to provide suitable accommodation for the changing curriculum.


Mount Lourdes has resources which facilitate the delivery of the Northern Ireland Curriculum to the highest standards. The school is a member of the Fermanagh Learning Community which provides students with access to an extended range of courses at post sixteen level.


Students coming to Mount Lourdes will experience a welcoming environment in which they can develop their abilities and talents to the fullest extent. We endeavour to give students opportunities and experiences that are designed to help them develop into mature young adults and make informed decisions about their futures.