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School Uniform

Students should remember that when they are in school uniform, they are representing the school both in school and in the community.


The school uniform is designed to foster a sense of belonging, loyalty and pride and is set within the context of the School Pastoral Care Policy and Positive Behaviour Management Policy. Students are required to wear the school uniform with pride throughout the day, when travelling to and from school and on all occasions when representing the school.


We appreciate the support and co-operation of parents/guardians in upholding our high standards regarding school uniform.

The wearing of the regulation school uniform is compulsory.  All items must be school regulation style and colours.  The school blazer must be worn daily by all students.  All articles of clothing and shoes should be clearly marked with the owner's name.


School Blazer

Dark Navy Knee Length Skirt*

Turquoise Blouse (Long Sleeved or Short Sleeved)

School Tie (clip-on version)

Navy Cardigan (Key Stage 3)

V-Neck School Pullover (Key Stage 4 and Post 16)

Plain Black Leather Shoes**

Navy Knee Length Socks or Navy Tights



Plain Navy/Black Outdoor Coat/Jacket

School Scarf (non-regulation scarves are not permitted)


*Double Pleated Version for KS3 and KS4 Students

** Canvas, coloured or ornamented shoes, boots, stilettos or trainers are not permitted



G Hicks & Son, Lisnaskea

S D Kells & Co, Enniskillen, Irvinestown, Lisnaskea

Physical Education Kit



Mount Lourdes T-shirt

Mount Lourdes Shorts


All students must wear suitable trainers and white sports socks for PE



Mount Lourdes Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Plain Navy Track Bottoms

Mount Lourdes Sports Socks

Mount Lourdes Kit Bag



O'Neills, Enniskillen

new pe kit.jpg

Uniform Regulations


  • All students must wear the school blazer to and from school and during the school day.

  • Wearing of school cardigan is optional.

  • Skirts must be knee length.

  • Students must wear flat, black shoes. Trainers, boots, stilettos, white soles, coloured or ornamented types of footwear are not acceptable.

  • A plain, black or navy coat may be worn over the school blazer in poor weather conditions (no logos permitted).

  • Hair colouring should be natural in shading.  Pinks, greens, purples and other unnatural shadings are not acceptable.  If this issue arises, parents/guardians will be contacted to ensure that hair colour is returned to a natural shade within a brief, agreed timescale.

  • Students are permitted to wear one pair of stud earrings in the lower earlobe. 

  • Nose, tongue, eyebrow and all other piercings are unacceptable, and students will be asked to remove such items.

  • Make-up, nail varnish, false, including gel and acrylic nails are not permitted in school.

  • Full school uniform to be worn on all school trips, except when the nature of the activity prohibits it.

  • When participating in, or travelling to school sporting activities school tracksuits should be worn.  If a student does not have a school tracksuit, she should wear plain navy track bottoms and sweatshirt.  No coloured or club sportswear is permitted.  For health and safety reasons, students should purchase suitable trainers for sport; fashion trainers are not acceptable.


Any item of clothing or jewellery worn against uniform regulations is liable to be confiscated


School rules apply when wearing school uniform.


There will be sanctions should a student refuse to comply with these regulations in line with the schools Positive Behaviour Management Policy.


Mount Lourdes students should show respect for their own and other people’s property

Student Property

Items of Clothing

  • All items of clothing must be labelled with the student’s name.

  • Efforts will be made to find lost items, but the school will not accept responsibility for property that is lost or damaged.

  • In a situation where a student has lost property, she should always retrace her steps. The item is normally recovered.

  • If the item cannot be found, then the student should report the items lost to their form teacher who will then send an alert message to the school community.


Money and Valuables

  • Students should not bring large sums of money or valuables to school.

  • The school cannot accept responsibility for lost money or valuables.

  • The PE department strictly follows this policy, and teachers do not accept money or valuables from students during PE lessons.

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