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Our History

When Mount Lourdes Grammar School was established in 1909 by the Sisters of Mercy, its founders were inspired by the need to provide an education that would qualify the girls of Fermanagh for the full range of employment opportunities that were available at the time.

That vision continues to guide the work of the school today.


Over the years since its foundation, as pupil numbers grew and academic requirements changed, the school evolved in response to the new demands placed on it. Buildings were added, providing for boarders and for specialist subjects. The site, a hillside close to the River Erne and Enniskillen town centre, is now largely covered by buildings, which have been refurbished to provide suitable accommodation for the changing curriculum.


Mount Lourdes has resources which facilitate the delivery of the Northern Ireland Curriculum to the highest standards. The school is a member of the Fermanagh Learning Community which provides students with access to an extended range of courses at post sixteen level.


Students coming to Mount Lourdes will experience a welcoming environment in which they can develop their abilities and talents to the fullest extent. We endeavour to give students opportunities and experiences that are designed to help them develop into mature young adults and make informed decisions about their futures.

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