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Mount Lourdes Grammar School


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What is the Student Council?

The Student Council is a representative structure for all the students in the school. It provides students with the opportunity to become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management and staff for the benefit of the school and all students.


The Student Council has responsibility for…

· Working with the management and staff  in the school;
· Communicating and consulting with all of the students in the school;
· Involving as many students as possible in the activities of the Council;
· Planning and managing the Council's programme of activities;


Officers of the Student Council

The Student Council will appoint officers to run an effective Council. Below are some of the officers and their roles:

The Chairperson

· Is the chief spokesperson and officer of the Student Council;

· Ensures that the Student Council is run effectively and efficiently;
· Chairs meetings ensuring that all have an equal say;
· Has the casting vote if voting is divided equally
· Signs any letters, notices etc. that are issued by the Student Council;
· Liaises with school management;
· Prepares the agenda for each meeting with the Secretary and the Liaison Teacher

The Deputy Chairperson

· Takes over the responsibilities of the chairperson when she is not available;
· Assists the chairperson in the organisation of the Student Council;
· Accompanies the chairperson to meetings when necessary.

The Secretary

· Prepares the agenda for each meeting with the Chairperson and in consultation with the other officers of the Council;
· Circulates the agenda to all members in advance of the meeting or at the start of the meeting;
· Takes minutes at meetings and writes them up;
· Distributes/reads out minutes from previous meeting;
· Sends out letters / notice of meetings that will be held stating time and place;
· Ensures that everyone is aware that meetings are being held.


The Public Relations Team/Communications Officers


The PR team is responsible for making sure that the Student Council has a high profile within the school. Student Council members wear a badge to identify themselves as members.

Every activity of the Student Council should be reported.

· Keep the whole school informed about the activities of the Student Council;
· Keep notice boards updated;
· Help produce the Student Council newsletter;
· Take photographs of Student Council activities to accompany any reports or notices for the board;
· Promote good communications between the Student Council and students, staff and  school   management.


The Student Council notice board
The Student Council notice board is in a prominent place in the school.

Information displayed may include;

• Members names, photos and classes;
• Date of next meeting;
• Agenda for next meeting;
• Minutes of last meeting;
• Ideas of what the students want the Student Council to do;
• Student Council achievements and on-going activities;
• Photographs.

The notice board should be eye-catching and current.

Agendas and minutes for example could be printed on to different coloured paper from one meeting to the next so that people know that they are new ones.

You could have different themes for your notice board or decorate it to suit the time of year, events happening in school.




Listening to students

A student council can listen to the views, opinions and ideas of all students in the school.


Representing students’ views

A student council can represent students’ views and it can be a forum for students’ concerns to be addressed. It can also air students’ difficulties, on behalf of individuals or groups, which might not otherwise come to light. It can bring the views and concerns of students forward to management and staff in a diplomatic way.


A consultative body

A student council could have a consultative role. Students could be consulted prior to implementation or review of school policies, e.g. uniform, substance misuse, anti- bullying, and extra – curricular activities. This would be useful in terms of collaboration and all-inclusive orientation.


Providers of information

A student council could provide management with information. It could alert

management to student concerns of which they might not be aware and also provide management with ideas and solutions to problems that students have, e.g. peer pressure, bullying, etc.


A resource

A student council can be a resource and can work in tandem with the management.


A communication channel

A student council can be a vital channel of communication in the school. It can provide management with information about the opinions of the student body and can also give feedback to the student body from management. It can provide a link between the students and the management and staff.


Peer support

A student council can act as a peer support group.


An educational opportunity

A student council can be a learning tool. Students can learn to think critically through involvement with the student council.


Enhancing school atmosphere

A student council can create a positive school atmosphere by providing students with a sense of ownership of their school.


Establishing links with the wider community

A student council can establish links with the wider community and other student councils in the area.



A student council can have a role to play in promoting anti-bullying within the school.


Enhancing student/teacher relationships

A student council can enhance student/teacher relationships.


Enhancing school conditions for students

A student council can enhance the day-to-day conditions for students, e.g. food, drinks, toilets, breaks, etc.


Enhancing school facilities

A student council can have a role in improving school facilities, e.g. lockers, benches or seating areas for break-times, sports facilities, school equipment, school décor (e.g. brighter walls, making the school accessible for students with disabilities).


Enhancing the learning environment

A student council can help to improve the learning environment by achieving a good school environment suitable for all staff and students to work to their maximum ability.


Raising students’ awareness of ‘bigger’ issues

A student council can raise students’ awareness of social issues, such as poverty, the environment, health and peer pressure.


A partnership

A student council can be a partner with management and staff in running the school.

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