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GCSE Drama

GCSE Drama allows students to achieve an academic
qualification within an exciting and enjoyable learning

framework. During the course, students participate in a

range of outside school visits, including performances and

workshops, and use a variety of digital and media



The course offers students the opportunities to develop

their practical skills in drama and to enhance their

appreciation, knowledge and understanding of drama and

play texts.  Students will study how plays are constructed

and realised, the ways in which meaning is conveyed

through drama, the social and historical contexts of plays

and a range of performance skills.   


GCSE Drama - Assessment


Component One: Devised Performance – Controlled Assessment.

In this element of the course students respond to stimulus material released by CCEA in order to research, script and perform their own short pieces. At the end of the devising process, students produce a 2000 word analysis and evaluation of their own work. The Devised Performance element is worth 25% of the overall grade.


Component Two: Scripted Performance – Controlled Assessment.

Students select, edit and perform a published play-script. This Controlled Assessment is worth 35% of the overall grade.


Component Three: Knowledge and Understanding of Drama – External Written Examination.

Students study Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock. The written examination is 1 hour 30 minutes long and is worth 40% of the overall grade.



GCSE Drama enables students to develop key skills and personal capabilities.  It encourages students to work in collaborative contexts and to reflect upon and evaluate their own work.  It equips them to develop as independent learners, critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds and as active citizens for their future, in employment and society.  For this reason, GCSE Drama provides students with skills and abilities that are considered valuable by employers.  It is a reputable academic subject which provides preparation for A Level study, third level education and future employment.  In particular, the course is a solid basis for careers in Film, Media, Theatre, Journalism, Social Work, Acting, Politics, Broadcasting, Advertising, Teaching and many more.

Performing Arts


Course description:

The course is designed to give students the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise in the Performing Arts, either in acting, music, stage management or design.  There are three units offered for assessment.


AS Level

Unit 1 – Developing skills for Performance:  Students develop a skill for performance through using a range of methods and professional practice.  They record and track their progress in a portfolio.  The portfolio can contain written, visual and aural accounts of their work and is submitted for internal assessment and external moderation.


Unit 2 – Planning a Creative Event:  Students decide on a creative event and take on different roles and responsibilities in order to plan and produce the event.  This unit develops the student’s organisation and their ability to work as part of a team and gives them a solid foundation for the world of work.  They write a report and evaluation of the planning process which is submitted for internal assessment and external moderation.


Unit 3 – Performing to a commission:  A commission is set by the examination board and the students create a performance piece which is internally assessed and externally moderated.  They can perform in an acting, music, stage management or design role.


A2 Level

Unit 4 – Employment Opportunities in The Performing Arts:  Students research and write a report on a variety of job opportunities within the Performing Arts.  They then choose to focus on an acting, design or management job role and build up a portfolio of different experiences in their chosen field.


Unit 5/6 – Advanced Performance/Production Practice:  Students choose to deliver a performance as an actor or musician or create a design for production.  Students must deliver their production for an audience and are assessed on their professional preparation for the event, their performance and evaluation of the final outcome.


Unit 7 - Production Delivery:  Students take a published play and adapt it for a target audience or to suit specific performance style or period.   This unit gives students and opportunity to acquire and demonstrate their skills in the Performing Arts area of their choice.  This unit is assessed internally for a visiting external moderator.

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