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Moving Image Arts

Course Offered at Post 16: AS/A2 GCE Moving Image Arts

Exam Body: CCEA

Course Code: 500/2473/5

Entrance Criteria: 5 GCSEs A-C


Course description:

AS Specifications in Moving Image Arts encourages students to develop:

  • Intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive powers;

  • Investigative, analytical, experimental, practical, technical and expressive skills, aesthetic understanding and critical judgement;

  • An understanding of the inter-relationships between the moving image and other art forms, disciplines and practices;

  • Knowledge and understanding of the place of the moving image in contemporary society

  • An awareness of the context in which moving image production and reception takes place.

Students complete TWO units in Year 13


Unit 1 - Moving Image Arts Critical Response

In an online examination context, students will be expected to respond critically to three questions relating to unseen moving image clips chosen from the specification’s two compulsory moving image art forms: Film and Animation.
Each question will feature one clip selected from either Film or Animation. Both forms will feature at least once in the overall exam.

Unit 2 Creative Production: Foundation Portfolio

 Using an initial idea or theme of their own choosing as a starting point, students will be expected to create a complete narrative moving image artwork of their own, working formally and stylistically within the parameters and conventions of a particular mainstream genre or category of moving image art. Students can choose to work in a genre or formal category from within one of the specification’s two core moving image art forms: Film or Animation. Their finished film or animation should be supported by evidence of the creative processes and practices undertaken to realise it and by an evaluation of the formal and stylistic outcome. These written, illustrated and audio-visual materials will combine to form a Foundation Portfolio in Creative Production. Students’ general study and practice in the mainstream genres and categories of the two core moving image art forms as part of their AS unit content should inform their creative work in this unit and should be relevantly acknowledged and evidenced in their preproduction materials, evaluation and finished artwork.

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