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Government and Politics


The AS/A Level course will develop the analytical skills and knowledge needed to understand the world in which we live




This unit will cover the arrangements for government of Northern Ireland since 1994, the strategies, policies

and electoral support of the main Northern Ireland Political Parties and the political effects of the different electoral systems used in Northern Ireland.


AS 2

This unit will focus on how Britain is governed and on the inter-relationships of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary in particular. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the impact of the European Union on the British political process.



A2 1

In this unit, you will study UK and Ireland. This will enable you to compare the Legislative and Executive processes for your chosen option.

A2 2

You will study Political Power. Political Power will focus on the concepts of political power, the factors involved in exercising this power, and the basis of political authority, legitimacy and stability. Examples will be widely drawn from international affairs.


AS Module 1 - The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland - 1 hour 15 minute exam paper – one piece of source material and three questions.

AS Module 2 – The British Political Process – 1 hour 45 minutes exam paper with five questions

A2 Module 1 – Comparative Government: The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland – 2 hours 15 minutes 5 questions on chosen option.

A2 Module 2 – Political Power – 1 hour 30 minutes three questions on chosen option.



English B



The AS/A Level course will develop the analytical skills and knowledge needed to understand the world in which we live. The course leads to a variety of University courses and careers.  It is excellent preparation for those particularly interested in people careers:

  • Law

  • Journalism

  • Human Resources/Public Relations

  • Teaching

  • Business

  • Politics

  • Finance

  • Government



Government and Politics is a dynamic subject, concentrating on the changeable nature of politics and the impact of resignations, elections, initiatives, war and other less dramatic changes. You will study world affairs, from the political impact of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, to the General Elections in Westminster and of course try to sort out Northern Ireland’s problems as well!

The student will experience a wide range of teaching strategies and activities including visiting speakers, DVDs on topical issues, student presentation, debates and use of internet and other electronic resources. A Level students run The Current Affairs’ Society.

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