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Applied Health & Social Care (Single / Double Award)


The health, social care and early years sectors are major employers in the public, voluntary and private sectors in Northern Ireland. This broad based qualification gives students the opportunity to study an eclectic range of subjects relevant to these sectors, including communication, social policy, research skills, health promotion, supporting the family and psychology.

The qualification will appeal to students with an interest in health and well-being and caring for others.


AS (Single Award)

Unit 1: Promoting Quality Care

Unit 2: Communication in Health, Social Care and Early Years Settings

Unit 3: Health and Well-Being


AS (Double Award only)

Unit 4: Safeguarding Children

Unit 5: Adult Service Users

Unit 6: Holistic Therapies


A2 (Single Award)

Unit 2: Body Systems & Physiological Disorders

Unit 3: Providing Services

Unit 5: Supporting the Family


A2 (Double Award only)

Unit 1: Applied Research

Unit 2: Health Promotion

Unit 7: Human Nutrition and Health



At each level, students undertake both internal (coursework) and external assessment (exam).


AS Level:

AS 1 – Promoting Quality Care – internal assessment / coursework portfolio

AS 2 – Communication in Care Settings – internal assessment / coursework portfolio

AS 3 – Health and Well Being – 2 hour written examination


AS Level – Additional Double Award Units:

Unit 4 – Safeguarding Children – internal assessment / coursework portfolio

Unit 5 – Adult Service Users – 2 hour written examination

Unit 6 – Holistic Therapies – internal assessment / coursework portfolio


A2 Level:

A2 2 – Body Systems and Physiological Disorders – internal assessment / coursework portfolio

A2 3 – Providing Services – 2 hour written examination (pre-release material)

A2 5 – Supporting the Family – internal assessment / coursework portfolio


A2 Level – Additional Double Award Units:

A2 1 –  Applied Research - internal assessment / coursework portfolio

A2 4 –  Public Health and Health Promotion - internal assessment / coursework portfolio

A2 7 – Human Nutrition & Health – 2 hour written examination



This course provides an excellent foundation for those seeking employment in a wide range of careers such as Nursing / Health Visiting, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Social Administration, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Pharmacy and Education.


This is a demanding course with a strong emphasis on the written content of coursework portfolios and independent learning. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in realistic health & social care contexts and to develop a range of transferable skills necessary for a changing and dynamic working environment. It is a vibrant, enjoyable and very rewarding subject that will open many doors of opportunity to its students.

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