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The School Day

Registration: 8.55am

Class Begins: 9.05am

Morning Break: 10.50 - 11.10am

Junior Lunch: 12.20 - 1.00pm

Senior Lunch: 1.00 - 1.40pm

Class Ends: 3.25pm

School Canteen


The School canteen provides a cafeteria service

during lunch times. It offers a range of hot and

cold meals and snacks at a reasonable price. The

canteen provides a breakfast service from 8.30 am.

to 8.50 am. Sixth Form students may avail of the

canteen’s facilities at break time.

Students wishing to bring their own food may eat

it in the canteen or other rooms designated for that


A biometric payment system is used in the school

canteen. Students who are entitled to free school

meals will have the cost of their meal added

automatically to the system on a daily basis.

Educational Visits

Mount Lourdes Grammar School is committed to enhancing students’ learning and development by providing learning opportunities and experiences outside the formal classroom. Educational trips and visits are used productively to consolidate and extend learning, develop skills and aptitudes for life and work and develop self-confident, independent learners.




The School is committed to incorporating educational visits into the curriculum providing that they enhance students' understanding and experiences, and that their inclusion is practical, considering the constraints of staffing, cost, duration and timing.

The school organises one educational visit abroad each year; normally for Year 10 students. Our students have the opportunity to spend time in the Gaeltacht and to take part in summer schools abroad, as part of their studies in Modern Languages.


Students also enjoy many opportunities to participate in educational visits as part of the work of individual departments.



Performing Art


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Charity work

Fundraising continues to be an integral part of school life in Mount Lourdes. Each year, the Year 14 Fundraising Committee plan, coordinate and execute a significant number of initiatives in an attempt to raise funds for the school’s designated charities.  Fundraising activities include raffles, cake sales, sponsored events, non-uniform day, talent show and fashion show.

Eco Committee


The Eco-Committee in Mount Lourdes is comprised of a number of staff and students with an interest in Conservation and Environmental Issues. Senior Prefects are selected each year to run the committee, under the guidance of staff. Also, students who express an active interest in this area can also become involved as associate members.

Our Committee was established in September 2014 and have played an active role in school life in a number of ways: The achievements of the committee include: Planting 60 native species trees with the Woodland Trust, taking part in a national bird-count study with the RSPB and working with outside agencies such as Ulster Wildlife, on the nationally recognised ‘Saving the Magnificent Meadows’ project.  

Our school actively promote the ideals of energy conservation.  We currently utilise a burner fuelled by wood pellets and have recently installed solar panels. Following on from this, our Eco-Committee goals for the future will incorporate ideas for efficient energy usage within the entire school environment.

Annual Fashion Show


Years 8, 11 and 14 pupils and accompanying staff are treated to a dazzling fashion display of this year’s formal attire.  The students are escorted down the catwalk by male members of staff.   Everyone present thoroughly enjoys the show and all proceeds are donated to the school’s designated charity.




Talent Show


The annual Talent Show, organised by Mrs Donnelly and Year 14 Fundraising Committee members, is held in school in December. The purpose of this activity is to raise money for the school’s designated charities. Auditions take place over a two day period. Successful acts are notified and endless practising commences. Two shows are held on what proves to be a highly enjoyable and successful day.

Sports day





• Netball
• Orchestra
• Public Speaking
and Debating
• Science/Gardening
• Senior and Junior
• Sports Hall Athletics
• String Orchestra
• Taekwondo
• Theatre Visits
• Track and Field
• Tuition in a range
of instruments
• Vocal Tuition
• Volunteering
• Wind Band

• An Cumann Gaelach
• Badminton
• Ceili Band
• Craft
• Cross-Country
• Current Affairs
(Junior and Senior)
• Dance
• Drama
• ECO Club
• French, German and
Spanish Clubs
• Gaelic Football
• German Cinema Club
• History
• Homework Club
• Junior and Senior
Grupa Ceoil

Student Participation

Year 14 Committees

In order to develop leadership skills in our senior students,
prefects are elected each year from our Year 14 student body.
The prefects are assigned to committees where they work
with teaching staff to support the work of the school. They
also act as positive role models for younger students.


The committees include:
• Year 8 Prefects
• Eco Group
• Fundraising Group
• Literacy Mentors

• Liturgy Group

• Numeracy Mentors

• Sports Leaders

Student Council


The Student Council is a forum through which all students can have a say in school.  It provides students with the opportunity to become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with the Principal, the teaching staff and all other staff to highlight and discuss matters of importance.    

The Student Council will meet with staff on a regular basis to raise issues, opinions and requests.

There are two student elected representatives from Years 8 - 13 and Year 14 is represented by the Head Girl and Deputies.


Click here for more details.

Ministers of the Eucharist


31 students complete a 4-week Minister of the Eucharist training programme facilitated by our school Chaplain Canon Macartan McQuaid.  They are commissioned during a special Mass celebrated with the entire Year 13 group in the Convent Chapel.


The Ministers of the Eucharist will assist during various liturgies within Mount Lourdes and in their own parishes. 


Religious Education and Living Programme. (REAL)


It is an unique programme which has been created for our Senior students.  REAL provides students with an opportunity to explore a number of pastoral and religious issues.  Some are of a practical nature and others are not.  It is hoped that the double lesson each week will address some issues students may come into contact with at some stage of their  life or it may be an opportunity to provide some ‘time out’ for prayer and liturgy. The programme is delivered in a modular way.  Guest Speakers will visit the school to speak to the students.  REAL is validated by the Bishop of Clogher Diocese.  Students will be awarded their certificate at the end of Year 14, when they have completed their portfolio of evidence.



Year 10 and 12 Retreats were facilitated by the Siolta Retreat Team.  Students participated in a full day retreat.  It was an opportunity to spend time out of class reflecting on where they are on their own faith journey and listening to their friend’s opinion and belief about personal faith and faith today.  

They examined and experienced faith through a variety of methods including games, reflection, meditation and Mass.  The students had a fun-filled day and judging by their comments they found it very beneficial….

We found the retreat better than we expected because it interacted with real life situations and made us understand ourselves better.’  Others felt ‘it was fun and enjoyable and it made us think about where Jesus is in our lives.  Bosco and Kelly were also really nice.  It made us think about how we could be a better version of ourselves through prayer.’

Millennium Volunteers


Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills, meet new people, make a positive contribution in the local community and have fun in the process. Within Mount Lourdes, Year 13/14 students are actively encouraged to become Millennium Volunteers.

The Millennium Volunteers Programme aims to promote and recognise sustained volunteering among students. Following registration, each student receives a record booklet in which they are asked to keep an accurate record of their volunteering experience and the number of hours completed. On completion of 50, 100, 200 hours of volunteering, students are awarded with certificates. This programme is backed by the Department of Education and is endorsed by many employers and universities.

Weekly Mass


Mass takes place in the Oratory every Wednesday during break.  (10.50 – 11.10)

Spanish Club


The Spanish club is a fun filled, action packed and creative learning club for Year 8 students.

The aim of the Spanish club is to allow students the opportunity to practise and improve their Spanish through participating in games and fun activities. Students also have the chance to make new friends and meet students from other classes while learning a new language.

At the Spanish club, the pupils do a wide variety of activities such as, writing letters to the Three Wise Men (at Christmas), Valentine’s Day cards, Easter projects, Bingo, Hangman, El Día de los Muertos research and learning the Macarena.

At the end of term the Spanish club members usually go to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch. Here they have the opportunity to practise their Spanish and sample some tasty Mexican food.

Extra Curricular Provision


Participation in extra-curricular activities is activelyencouraged in Mount Lourdes. It helps developpositive relationships between students, staff,parents, the wider community and other schoolsand helps students develop confidence and apositive self-image. A varied and challenging rangeof activities is provided in which students maychoose to participate. Some of these activities areoffered at lunchtime and others are available afterschool.


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